Professional Travel Agent

We are licensed travel agents in Spain with license number GC-3349, and part of the American Travel Bureau Independent Travel Agents Network, so you have the guarantee of an official travel agency in Europe and as well of an American Travel Agencies corporation for your choir’s concert tour.

It is very important in this kind of group travel to have a licensed travel agent that can help you with their expertise and contacts not only in the travel field, but in the artistic area. To organize a concert tour is not a regular group journey, there are many aspects that you have to take in mind.

We are travel agents and choir singers, and this really makes an important difference with regular travel agencies, because we know how to get you a good deal, to give you a professional and personal service and to deal with what your choir may need during the concert tour.

As well, we want to help you and give you some advice about how to plan your concert tour in an economically affordable way for your choir singers. You won’t find this anywhere else!

Check out our blog where we explain you what is a Concert Tour for Choirs and also we give you some tips to make your Concert Tour a success. We want you to sing abroad and enjoy this beautiful experience with your choir, that’s why Marina is also available for private consultancies to help you plan and organize your choir’s tour, besides of help you improve your choir’s visibility with her service of Marketing for Choirs.

Travel Insurance for your Choir

We offer a complimentary travel insurance for every choir that travels with us, that will cover you in case of unexpected events, like medical assistance, loss of luggage or cancellation. A copy of the insurance with the list coverages will be sent to you by the confirmation of your choir’s concert tour.

We want you to enjoy your journey without having to worry about anything, feel free to enjoy singing with your choir abroad!

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