My experience at the True Worship Summit (Day 2)

True Worship Summit 2018

Dear reader,

Today was a big day at the True Worship Summit: Kirk Franklin in person was in the house!

I didn’t expected him to be very close or accessible, but I must say that once again I was positively suprised. When I entered in the room I saw him sitting in the steps of the stage, in a very relaxed attitude having a conversation with the audience. He answered questions about faith, his songwriting and inspiration process, and giving advice to the choirs. You could feel the emotion in the air when people asked questions with trembling voice, thanking him for his music, expressing their admiration.

It was so beautiful to see so many people accomplishing a dream in the same room… this doesn’t happen everyday! But that was just the beginning. Riga’s Gospel Choir is attending to the Summit, and one of their members was really brave and asked him to go to Latvia. The whole audience cheered him, and Kirk said yes!

As well, there was another gospel choir from Switzerland, SOVA Gospel Choir, and their conductor asked Kirk about how can a choir find and instill to the audience the “heart” of a song, how to connect with them.

Then it just got better: Kirk invited the Swiss choir to go to the stage to sing with him and see if he can help them somehow. The whole auditorium just went crazy! After a few minutes deciding which song to do, finally Kirk stepped out to watch and listen to them, and something just magical occurred when they began to sing: the emotion of the very special moment made them sing a heart-stoping performance. They brought us all into tears of joy!

We all just received to much, that people wanted to give something back to Kirk. Someone in the audience asked him about what we want to pray for him. A Pastor from Paris lead us into a prayer for him and his family, and then Kirk prayed for all of us too. It was a beautiful moment to experience, and see that despite that the world has changed so much and we all seem to live in a constant rush in our own worlds without having a look to the neighbour’s needs, there is still people that have the sincere desire and generosity to pray for the others and with them the very best.

And that was just the beginning of the day! Wow! We had to recover from this very emotional experience quite fast, as just a few minutes later, the awesome Kim Burrell took his place.

I really missed the vocal session that was originally planned with her, what was (one more time) cancelled in the last minute. Many of the attendants of this event are singers, this was once in a lifetime opportunity for us to learn some tips of one of the best voices ever, we were all looking forward to it.

Anyway, it was as well an enriching and empowering experience to have the opportunity to have a session of questions and answers with Kim Burrell.

What a strong woman! She made her way without losing her identity, having very clear who she was and what she wanted to do. I loved to see that she was so sincere and filterless in her thoughts, advice and opinions. You can see she is comfortable in her own skin, sure of who she is as a woman and fearless of showing it. She was truly an inspiration for all of us, but I think specially for al the women in the room. We need more Kims in the world!

After the lunch break, we had another choral singing session with Donald Lawrence. (Guess what? Not on time again!) But everything happens for a reason: this gave us the amazing opportunity to experience an improvised worship service that lead us into a emotions rollercoaster.

After that we had another amazing session with Donald working on what we did the day before and adding some new songs for Saturday’s concert, followed by 2 simultaneous activities: a worship service and a session of questions and answers with a Panel relevant members of the Gospel music industry.

I decided to head to the industry panel, as I was in another worship service before. There we had the chance to listen to a very interesting exchange of opinions hosted by Dennis, and to point out some questions, getting really useful information for gospel singers and choirs who are seeking for a profesionalization in the gospel music industry.

There was also another woship service, but I felt I needed to have a rest after so many emotions in a short period of time. This morning checking in the social media what happened in the night, I just have seen that Israel Houghton was in the worship night. Wow! What a pity to have missed it! At the official program just says “Conference Worship Service”, and there are just so many things and changes going on in that is almost impossible to catch up with everything.

My general impression of the second day:

It is just overwhelming to live so many unique moments with legends of the Gospel music world and choir singers from all over Europe! Many dreams were accomplished Today for many people in the audience, and it was a really beautiful thing to see. I personally felt like if I was in an emotional rollercoaster trying to absorb all the wisdom of those extraordinary human beings.

I can’t wait to see what is going on on the third and last day!