MK Artists Management : Didier Likeng / Fred Lewin / Nacho Melús / Ray Sidney

Nacho Melús :

This innovative proposal fuses the harmonies of Gospel Music (Heaven) and the roots of the Flamenco beats (Earth) allowing us to explore and discover new paths where tradition and vanguard meet.

From the Bulerías to Rumba, greeting in the way Tangos and Alegrías, Heaven & Earth is a journey that allows us to explore what happens when the passion and rhythms of Flamenco meet the harmonies and spirituality of the Gospel genre.

A unique show that won’t leave you indifferent and will definitely touch your soul.

What is Nacho Melús available for?

Nacho Melús Heaven & Earth Concert

Book a concert of Nacho Melús' unique Flamenco & Gospel fusion with the repertoire of his last album Heaven & Earth, with his choir and musicians.

Flamenco & Gospel Workshop

Live the experience guided by Nacho in a journey though the Flamenco's passion and rhythms beautifully united to the harmonies and the magic of the Gospel with your choir.