Marketing for Choirs: how to make your choir visible on the internet

how to use digital marketing for choirs

But… does the marketing for choirs exist? Yes, dear singer. And it is much easier than you think. Simply start to think in your choir as if it was a business, and use the same tools available on the world wide web to gain visibility online.

If you owned a company, what would be the first thing that you’ll do to let your potential clients find you in the internet? That’s right! A website. Today are many free tools make your own website, but my recommendation is to use Wordpress. It is very easy to use, you have plenty of plugins to customize your website and manage all the data, a lot of free templates for your design and very important: Google loves it!

Ok, now you have a fantastic website completely for free for your choir. Now that your clients (your audience, possible concert promoters, etc.) have a place to find you, what do you want to do with them? You’re right again! You need to keep in touch with your potential audience, to inform them about your choir’s concerts and news.

In order to do this, you need to get their email address. And how can you do this?  You have to insert the famous “Subscribe to my Newsletter” form in your website. In order to do this, first you have to open an account in an e-mail marketing platform. Personally, I use Mailchimp, that offers many free options and (very important) their forms are adapted to the new European laws of Data Protection (the famous GDPR).

Oh wait. I can see your face: e-mail marketing, GDPR… mailchi-what? It’s scary! You don’t know about those things and it looks very complicated!

False! It is very easy, let me explain you:

There are platforms that are very intuitive and easy to use, that allow you to design the e-mail you want to send with a drag-and-drop or word-style editor to your subscribers (the persons who gave you their address at the form in your website), and in order to do so you have to create a list  or database (to have a record of those contacts, where they will be automatically added after they subscribe). After that you can create the form to put on your website (there are thousandes of tutorials and articles at Mailchimp’s blog that explain it very well, and Wordpress has plugins to make it easy for you to insert in your website). 

The great thing about this, is that you can send to your contacts beautiful e-mails to caught their attention to announce your choir’s concerts and (here comes the most interesting thing)  see the stats of who and when opened your e-mails, when, how many times, or if they clicked on something. And this is very valuable information! 😉

In resume: the first steps to create an e-marketing strategy for your choir, are to create a website, add a formulary to get the e-mails of your visitors to send the information about your choir’s concerts and activities, and create an account in an e-mail marketing platform to send beautiful and “pro” emails, manage your contacts, and get data of how they behave when they receive your emails.

And now comes when you ask: “What about Facebook? I have a facebook page for my choir, isn’t that enough?” No sweetheart, I’m sorry but it isn’t. You can improve your use of social media to build your choir’s image, get contacts and even recruit new members, but you will need a website too if you want to succeed. If you are interested in the social networks side, I recommend you my e-book The Social Choir.

In social networks like Facebook you can do many interesting things, and reach easily your friends and family. But you don’t have their contacts details! If tomorrow Facebook decides to close, you don’t have your audience’s emails, and in case you have some of them, you don’t have their authorisation to send them information about your choir (don’t forget about data protection law!). It’s scary if you think about it…

So, you need to have a point where you can ask them for their contact and for their authorisation to receive information about your choir. And this place is your website.

Then you can send them an email to let them know about your choir’s next concert, about the new CD you just recorded, or a fundraising campaign you will do for a good cause this Christmas, or ask them for help for your next concert tour! You can speak about your singers, your choir’s conductor, your musicians. Make them feel part of the choir, make it personal and build a relationship with them.

There are many aspects to think about if you want to professionalize the marketing of your choir, or to use the strategies and tools of the marketing professionals to build an audience for your choir.

It is not complicated, but it needs some work and guidance. That’s why I have created the course “Marketing for Choirs”, to teach choirs, associations and music schools how to make a choir success on the internet. I also make full day or weekend sessions with choirs that want me to teach them the course and help them with their first steps in the choir’s marketing world, or private consultancy for your choir or association via skype or in person.

There are many interesting things in e-marketing that you can apply to help your choir gain visibility in the world wide web, and remember that I’m here to help you spread your music! 😉