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My aim is to help choirs to spread their music and joy all over the world!

That’s why I’ve created the service of Concert Tours for Choirs, to help them travel and sing abroad, and the service Marketing for Choirs, to use the tools of the professionals in e-marketing in a very easy way, to reach their potential audience via internet.

I can help you in many of the following aspects of your choir’s life, like for example:

  • How can you promote your choir via internet
  • If you need help to create or position correctly your choir’s website
  • You need ideas to promote or organize a concert or an event with your choir
  • You are thinking in making a concert tour with your choir
  • You would like to gain visibility online and engage your audience
  • To create together a strategy to help you and your choir to professionalize and go to the next level, be more attractive for concert / festival programmers, sell and distribute your music online.  

Book a private session with Marina

You can ask for your appointment here

Also if after the first session, you’d like to have a continued assessment you can get a 5 hours package, or you can also book a meeting in person with me. I’m here to help!

125€ + VAT

599€ + VAT

consultancy face to face (2h)

from 250€ + VAT

And don’t forget to stay tuned at my social networks as I will be doing some courses and short information sessions via Facebook Live 😉

eBooks by Marina Kaudash

The Social Choir

The Social Choir is an ebook that explains in a very simple and comprehensive way how can you use the social networks like a pro for your choir. In this step-by-step guide you will find relevant information and personal tips to make your choir stand out of the crowd in the social networks.

Take advantage of the same tools and tips that the professionals of e-marketing and social media are actually using and increase the visibility of your choir.

The Social Choir cover

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