Choral Music in Health
& Emotional Healing

When you are diagnosed with a chronic disease or have a severe accident or illness that influences your health to a point that you can’t continue your usual activity, your life plan and self-confidence receive a very strong impact.

It is a traumatic moment in a person’s life, and will cause in many cases the destabilization of your life project, your family and an important loss of your self-confidence. You will need to recover your emotional equilibrium and self-confidence.

After the initial period of confusion, anger, denial and finally, acceptance, you will need to make some adjustments to have a better quality of life. It is very important to look for activities and hobbies that make you feel comforted, accepted and part of a community, like for example, singing in a choir.

It’s possible that you lose some friends in the way, it doesn’t mean that they are bad persons or that they put you apart because you are not “good enough” or you are “broken”. Take those ideas out of your mind right now. I know you had them because I’ve been right there, in your place.

Certain people don’t know how to deal with your new situation, or how they should treat you from now on, it is an uncomfortable and strange situation for them too, what can cause a natural estrangement in some of your relationships.

Being sincere, even you don’t know how to treat yourself now, you’re learning to accommodate this new condition. Some of your close environment may need to learn it too, so my recommendation would be to don’t be too critical with them.

In my personal case, choir music and my choir mates helped me to find myself again, to recover my self-confidence.

I was in a point where I thought that I wouldn’t be able to perform in a stage again in my life, after a whole life singing.

The documentary "El Cor"

The documentary “El Cor” (a word-game in the original language between “the choir” and “the heart”) by Setmàgic Audiovisual and directed by the renowned documentary director Marc Juan, was filmed for the catalan tv channel TV3 and shows how the life in a Gospel Choir can help persons to deal with different situations and life experiences.

It was the first time that I spoke in public about my disease, Multiple Sclerosis, which was diagnosed to me when I was 26 years old.

Marc made me some questions that I didn’t wanted to think about, with kindness and patience he helped me to face my fears, to discover and accept and many things that I thought I was not strong enough to assume.

It was very important moment in my life that helped me to accept MS and get along with it.

If you wish, you can watch the documentary below  (in Catalan, subtitled in English. Use the password “elcor” to be able to watch it).

My choir mates knew through the documentary about my disease, and I must say that their reaction was overwhelming. Their support, their acceptance, their understanding meant the world to me, and I will be thankful with them for the rest of my life.

Imagine to have 70 shoulders when you need them, 70 people that help you walk when your legs become a little weaker, 140 arms to hold you in your lowest hours, because yes, you can try to be strong and get along with your life, but it is impossible to be strong 24/7.

I am lucky to have a loving husband and a great family by my side, plus 70 brothers and sisters that take care of me and help me to go back to a stage the days that I can’t do it alone, and sing my heart out with them. That’s the magic and the beauty of choir life!

I want to help people with my personal experience, and show them there is still a life after the storm, that’s why I’m available for motivational conferences and speeches about health and emotional healing through the music.

You can contact me if you’d like to speak about it.

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