Marina Kaudasch

Singer, entrepreneur, specialist in Concert Tours for choirs and Gospel Music Events

  • Specialist in concert tours and music events
  • Gospel Artists Manager (MK Artists Management)
  • Official Ambassador for Southern Europe of the Gospelkirchentag 2020 (the largest gospel festival in Europe with +5000 singers)
  • Organizer of the International choir singers meeting Gospel Weekend
  • Organizer of the 20th Anniversary Concert Tour for GNAS Gospel Choir (France) in Barcelona
  • Conference speaker
  • Presenter of Interkultur’s International Choir Festivals in Spain 2012-2014

I am an entrepreneur and choir singer with a strong background in tourism, events and e-marketing.

I’ve created a specialized service for choirs looking to sing abroad, offering my knowledge and expertise as travel agent and contacts in the music scene to organize tailor-made concert tours for choirs, choral music meetings, workshops and events.

Literally, a service for singers, created by a singer!

I can literally say that to sing in a choir has changed my life in a positive way in many aspects, and that’s why I also offer motivational speeches and conferences about how singing in a choir can help you in your everyday life to deal with health issues and to recover your self-confidence. It really helped me to find myself again after a strong health collapse, and I want to help people in similar situations to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and how music and life in a choir can help you overcome your problems.

What is Marina is available for?

  • Create a tailor-made experience for your choir to sing and travel abroad
  • Organization of choral meeting events
  • Provide top-level Gospel Artists for your event or festival
  • Organize an edition of the Gospel Weekend © in your country
  • Guest posts / blog collaborations
  • Brand ambassador
  • Reviews of products for choirs, singers and branded content.
  • Motivational speeches of how choral music can help improve your health and self-confidence

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