Gospel Weekend

Enjoy a weekend singing with the best Gospel Choir conductors and sing with the largest Gospel Choir of France in Barcelona for their 20th Anniversary!

The Event

In this special edition of the Gospel Weekend, from 4th to 6th May 2018 in Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona), you will enjoy Gospel Workshops with Karol Green (South Africa, director of the Gospel Jam, conductor of Gospelians&Gràcia, participants of the TV3 choral contest Oh Happy Day), Fred Lewin (France, conductor of GN/AS Gospel, the biggest gospel choir of the country!) and Ray Sidney (USA, conductor of the Firm Soundation and headliner of the World Famous Gospel Brunch in the House of Blues in Los Angeles).

What makes this edition very special, is that all the participants will have included an entrance to the 20th Anniversary ReLOVution Tour concert in Sala BARTS (Barcelona) of the GN/AS Gospel Choir, conducted by Fred Lewin. And here comes the surprise: you will perform like a superstar in the renowned Sala BARTS on 18th May,  with the biggest gospel choir in France!

Gospel Weekend special edition

The Artists

Fred Lewin (France)

Fred, with his funny character and powerful voice is a veteran in the international gospel scene, singing his message for 20 years now.

This unconventional son of an English Pastor, transformed the prejudices and classical image that you may have of the gospel genre: his compositions will make you sing, dance and jump of your seat.

He conducts the Good News Gospel Choir in and the Alleluia Singers in Southern France, he travels around Europe with his voice technique and gospel Masterclasses, and also presenting his personal project, FredL Gospel.

His musical quality is comparable to his goodness, always involved in charity causes bringing a message of hope to those who need it the most.

In his workshops and through his music, he communicates positivity, happiness, euphoria, and also releases his sorrows. He definitely is a balm for the soul.

Ray Sidney (USA)

Ray Sidney at the Gospel Weekend

Ray has been singing in the church since he was five years old. His passion and life’s mission is to sing for the Lord and to share that Gospel Good News with others. Ray is living his mission. Ray is referred to as a “Musicianary” (don’t look it up in the dictionary).

For several years now, Ray has shared his gifts beyond the four walls of the church, performing in multiple professional gospel groups that have performed all over America in venues like BB Kings’ Blues Club and the House of Blues starring Kirk Franklin’s Gospel Brunch Show in Los Angeles (California).

In recent years, God has called him to take his music ministry to other countries. He has spread the Good News to Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Israel, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Uganda, UK and Spain.

Ray’s vocal gifts are obvious. It’s his heart for ministry and his unique ability to touch people of all colors, races and creeds that make him extra special. His humble and faithful approach has taken him from the Los Angeles concert stage to the Philippine Orphanages. From the House of Blues in Hollywood, to the villages of Uganda. Ray’s devotion to God knows no boundaries. He loves the Lord and he loves to sing. He doesn’t sing for his love of singing, he sings for his Love of the Lord. That is the reason why he sings!

Karol Green (South Africa)

With great director skills, she conducts Barcelona Soul Choir, Cor Gospel Sant Celoni, The Gospel Jam Quartet and Gospelians of Girona, the last group known by the TV3 show contest “Oh Happy Day”. 


She is a South African woman hwo lives in Catalonia since the age of twelve. She began her musical career at the age of seventeen as a member of a gospel choir, where she began acting as a soloist and assumed the choreographer’s tasks. Like a sponge she integrated knowledge in vocal technique, rhythm and body expression. Her lifelong school has been the large number of musical projects she has been involved in during her twenty years in Barcelona. 

There are various projects and trends that include body percussion, soul, world music, gospel and African music. One of the most outstanging is her project Gaia, where she uses the technique of looping. 

Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona)

Malgrat de Mar is a beautiful coastal city close to the Costa Brava and 55km away from Barcelona city. It has a beautiful city center with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants, a beautiful promenade and sandy beaches with a varied offer of nighttime entertainment. You can arrive by road with your own car or with bus, also you can find affordable flights to Girona Costa-Brava (40km away) or Barcelona El Prat (65km away) airports.

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It is the perfect place to combine a relaxing holidays or short break at the beach with cultural activities, like our Gospel Weekend.

You can find more information about Malgrat de Mar here.


The previewed program for this Gospel Weekend Special Edition is: 

FRIDAY 4th MAY 2018

  • 16h to 20h: Gospel Workshop with FRED LEWIN


  • 09.30h to 13.30h: Gospel Workshop with KAROL GREEN


  • 09.30h to 13.30h: Gospel Workshop with RAY SIDNEY



FRIDAY 18th MAY 2018

  • 17.30h: Soundcheck in SALA BARTS (Barcelona)
  • 20.30h: Concert 20th Anniversary ReLOVution Tour with GN/AS Gospel & Guest Artists (Emmanuel Pi Djob, Didier Likeng, Karol Green & Panzel Flower)

Please note that times are provisional and may be subject to change. Final times will be informed to all the participants.

The workshops will be held at the Old Hospital Chapel in Malgrat de Mar, located at the heart of city center (Carrer Passada, 46).

We would like to give a special thanks mention to Malgrat Turisme and the City Council of Malgrat de Mar, for their support to the musical culture and to this event.

If you want to get tickets for the GN/AS Gospel ReLOVution Tour Concert in Sala BARTS at a special price for the friends and family of the participants, contact us.

GNAS Gospel Sala BARTS


We have special deals with some hotels in Malgrat de Mar in order to get you a quality and affordable accommodation in case that you want to spend the weekend and sleep in the city.

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Enjoy a weekend singing with the best Gospel Choir conductors and sing with the largest Gospel Choir of France in Barcelona for their 20th Anniversary!


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