Choir Concert Tour

Maybe you are asking yourself, what is exactly a Choir Concert Tour?

We’re going to explain you everything about it:

A concert tour or performance tour is a type of organized group travel in which the main purpose, besides tourism, is that the travellers (a choir, orchestra, band or soloist) offer one or more performances or concerts in the visited destination.

This is a very interesting option for amateur choirs to make contacts, be made known and share their music with other communities or countries. A concert tour is also a great opportunity to perform in front of new audiences, to meet local choirs and to allow the choir members to live a unique experience together, strengthening the personal relations between them, what will as well help the cohesion of the group.

And maybe now you are thinking… “well, that sounds good, but is it difficult to organize a Concert Tour? Is that very expensive? Can I afford it?” Don’t worry, we will answer all your questions! 😉

We can say that to organize a Concert Tour for your choir is not difficult, but labour-intensive. A trip of this characteristics is quite complex to organize and requires an extensive network of contacts and providers both in the touristic field (hotels, transport, excursions, guides, travel insurances…) and in the artistic side (venues rental for your concert, contact with the city councils, with local choirs, the organization of events, advertising and promotion of the concert… ), so it is highly recommendable to have specialised professionals to help you organize your choir’s concert tour, and to listen to their advice.

This way you will have an optimal organization of your choir’s concert tour, you will have a professionals that will take care of you during your journey, and a considerable reduction of your travel costs. Then you just have to take care of the music and enjoy!

Many singers and choir conductors shared their questions and doubts with us, when it comes the time to organize a concert tour. And one of the most frequently asqued questions is if a concert tour is an affordable project for their choir.

Our answer

To make a concert tour with your choir is much more affordable than you think, with the right planification of course!

During those years of experience organizing concert tours for choirs with Sing & Travel, we have detected that there are some basic elements to keep in mind.

Besides of the travel and concerts part (leave that to the pros!), you may have to take some things in consideration when it comes to plan the trip, the payments plan and the rehearsals with your choir.

We want to help you achieve a great concert tour, and make it easy for you and all your choir members. That’s why we give you the key to make your journey a success, affordable for every member of your choir and an incredible experience for the singers:

Sing & Travel Exclusive Guide

5 tips to organize successfully a Concert Tour with your choir:

Tip nº 1: Plan your trip at least 1 year in advance

This will allow you to plan with clam, value the different destinations available for your concert tour, to obtain the best prices in the touristic services and make it easier for your choir members to ask for days off at their jobs if necessary.

Tip nº2: Split up the payment of the concert tour in affordable monthly fees.

That’s why to plan with such a long anticipation is very important too! Let’s say that your journey costs 600€ per person. If you organize it one year in advance, the choir members can make a first payment to confirm their trip (for example 150€), and after this pay a monthly fee in the next 11 months of 40,90€. This means that by the end of the year, their trip will be paid!

You can also organize concerts to collect money for your concert tour, and cover partially (or completely if you have lots of public!) your choir member’s travel costs.

Tip nº 3: Prepare in your repertoire for the concert tour one or two songs in the local language of your travel destination.

One more reason why it is important to plan in advance! 😉 If you rehearse some typical songs of the place where you will travel with your choir, it will be a beautiful gesture towards your host country, and will guarantee a standing ovation from the crowd. 🙂

Tip nº 4: Don’t forget to visit the main places of touristic interest.

Despite the main purpose of a concert tour is to sing abroad, it is as well important to have enough time for leisure, culture and fun!

Tip nº5: Have in mind your choir singers needs of leisure and rest.

It is interesting and an important part of the journey to discover the emblematic places of your destination, but don’t plan a program too tight, thinking only in seeing the most in the short time you’ll be there. It is important to let your choir singers rest adequately, this way their voices will be in optimal conditions for the concerts, and as well they need to have some time to relax, explore by their own and make some shopping if they wish.

You can see it is not so difficult to make your choir’s concert tour come true. Your trip is a little bit closer now, we are here to help you in every step of the way, with Sing & Travel you can make it happen! Just drop us a line, we are here for you 😉