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questions to Moisès Sala

7 questions to Moisès Sala

We introduce you to Moisès Sala from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). He is one of the conductors teaching the workshops at the Gospel Weekend choral event, you can know him a little better in this interview.

take care of your voice

7 questions to Fred Lewin

Get to know Fred Lewin, a gospel choir conductor and composer from France. He is part of the Gospel Weekend conductors team, and will be in Barcelona for a special Concert Tour with his choir GN/AS Gospel in Barcelona!

singer choir voice

5 tips to take care of your voice

If you are a singer or you work with your voice, it is very important to add some habits to your daily life in order to guarantee that your instrument is in an optimal condition.

choir singing

10 reasons to sing in a choir

Singing in a choir is much more than a fun hobby, it literally makes your life better in many ways: it is healthy both emotionally and physically, and makes you feel better. In this article we give you 10 reasons why singing in a choir makes your life better.

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