8 Tips to get over Stage Fright

tips to overcome stage fright

To sing in a stage in front of an audience is not as easy as it seems. Do you feel that you breath faster, have cold sweat, that your heat beats faster than usual, or you can’t even think or remember the lyrics of the song? Did that happen to you? Maybe you have stage fright.

But don’t worry, you are not alone! Big superstars had suffered it as well and went trough it. For example, did you know that Adele had to go to hypnosis to be able to appear in the Oscars in 2013? Or that Barbra Streisand quit from the stages for 27 years after going blank in a live show in 1967?

choir singers

A good exercise to fight stage fright is to sing in a choir. You will sing supported by more people, you won’t be alone in the stage. In this article, I give you 8 tips to overcome your stage fright, to help you enjoy your experience singing with your choir to the most.


Tip 1: Avoid cafeine. You may think it will help you perform with more energy, but in fact it will make you feel fidgety and nervous.

Tip 2: Drink juices of citrus fruits. Drinking one of those juice half hour before the concert can lower your blood pressure and soothe your anxiety. You can combine different fruits such as grapefruits, orange, kiwi or mandarines.

exercise to fight stage fright

Tip 3: Do some exercise.It will release the tension of your body and make your endorphins raise creating a sense of wellbeing. Take some time to exercise for 30 minutes the day of your performance. You can run,walk or ride a bike. This will leave your body ready to perform!

Tip 4: Laugh. And do it as much as you can! Laughter will relax you and move your mind away from nervousness while stimulating the jaw. Watch funny videos on Youtube, share some time with your friends, family or with your choir mates remembering old anecdotes.

Tip 5: Relax your body before the concert. Chew gum for a while to reduce the tension in your jaw, stretch your arms, legs and neck and hum in a low voice to relax your voice. Those are just some examples of things you can do to relax your body tension before you go on stage. This will help stabilize your voice and calm your mind before you sing.

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Tip 6: Recite the word of your favorite song. Focus on a nice rhythm that you feel comfortable with. It will make you feel comfident and comfortable to go on stage relaxed and with grace.

Tip 7: Pshych up to end your anxiety. While you do the half hour of sport or you just prepare on the way to the concert, repeat in your head that you can feel nervous but for a certain period of time, but after a certain time (the time you have been with the rest of the chorus for example) all that anxiety is going.If you want it to happen, it will be much easier after practicing a few times.

Tip 8: Imagine that people that you love are in the audience. Instead of going to the old trick of imagining everyone naked (what I find a little weird, by the way), imagine that the people that you love are in the audience, supporting and encouraging you to sing. This will help you to overcome your stage fright and to sing happy and with passion.

I hope that some of those tips will help you to overcome your stage fright the next time you have to sing! You can even create your own pre-concert ritual with those tips. And don’t forget to share them with your choir mates!

Are there any other things you do that help you before a concert? Share it with us!

Here we leave you a TED talk by Mikael Cho, that speaks about stage fright and how to overcome it:



Remember this is a thing that will improve with practice: don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get the results you want the first times you use those 8 tips to overcome stage fright. Take your time, adjust it to what feels more comfortable for you, and to not press yourself. I’m sure with a little practice you will be in charge of the situation! 🙂