5 tips to take care of your voice

singer choir voice

If you are a singer or you work with your voice, it is very important to add some habits to your daily life in order to guarantee that your instrument is in an optimal condition.

Here we give you 5 basic tips to take care of your voice in an adequate manner.

1) Your new best friend: the scarf or foulard. Sometimes you can’t avoid to be exposed to drastic temperature changes, with the air conditioning in summer and the heating indoors and cold temperatures outside in winter. Take always with you a scarf or foulard to protect your neck from this abrupt changes in temperature.

2) Sleep and rest well. It seems very obvious, but sometimes we don’t pay so much attention to this. You have to think in your voice as a muscle: it needs its resting time, as your physical and emotional state will reflect in your voice.

3) Drink water. It is important to hydrate yourself adequately to lubricate your vocal cords and have them in optimal conditions.

4) Avoid dairy before a concert. las lácteos antes de un concierto o recital.Los productos lácteos generan mucha mucosidad, lo que te dificultará poder hablar o cantar, así que mejor evítalos antes de un concierto o speech.

5) Warm-up and cool your voice. You have done thousands of exercises to warm-up your voice, but many times we don’t remember the importance to cool it after a concert. The syren type glissandos (from higher notes to lower notes) are very useful to relax your vocal chords, but if you are in a public place, maybe you wouldn’t like that people looks at you like you’re just out of a madhouse. In this case, just speak at a lower volume, don’t scream of laugh too loud, and try to be in silence for a while. This will work as well ?

Do you use any other trick to take care of your voice? Let us know at the comments area!