5 tips to improve your choir’s performance

Besides the musical part, there are many aspects to think about when it arrives the time to perform with your choir. Those are small details that make a difference in a choir’s performance, and can make your choir look professional.

Those are things to take in mind, and an advice that we use to give to the choirs that are preparing the repertoir of a concert tour with us. Today, we will give you 5 tips to improve your choir’s performance.


attitude is important when you sing in a choirTip 1: Your attitude is everything!

When we are singing in a concert with our choir, is very important that we actually feel what we are singing, that we transmit composure and conviction (or at least we have to make the audience believe that we know what we are doing). Sing convinced that you are doing it good! Even if there is a song in which you feel insegure, your forget the lyrics or you make a mistake, your face doesn’t have to reflect your anxiety. For example, if you make a mistake and you make a face or your look scared, your audience will notice. But if you make a mistake and keep singing with a smile, nobody will notice – or if they do at least they won’t know that it was you 😉

you have to smile when you sing in a choir


Tip 2: Smile. Always.

When you go to see a concert, it is more pleasant if you look at a person that is having fun with what he/she does, smiles and instills happiness. No more long faces, no more singing like you’re scared or like your choir’s conductor is going to slap you in the face (just kidding hehe). Besides, the aperture of your mouth when you smile, makes the sound of your voice to be more open and beautiful than when you sing with a serious expression.



dance with your choir

Tip 3: Pay attention to which direction you’re dancing.

Many times we focus on the sound of the choir, and we don’t pay attention to the esthetics, how does the choir look from the outside, globally, as a whole. A small detail that I have seen in many choirs’ performances, is that when they move or dance without a choreography, each singers goes towards a different direction, what gives visually a feeling of chaos. It is important, what if you are not making a choreography in this moment, that your choir conductor indicates the direction towards you have to move, or indicates you to stand still. Those little indications, will make your choir look more homogeneous.


facial expression when you sing in a choirTip 4: Pay attention to your expression and to your gestures.

When you sing, you are telling a story. And you have to really tell this story, not only with your voice, but with your face and your movements. When you rehearse a song at home, sing in front of a mirror and rehearse too the expressions and gestures that you want to use, and that you think that will fit better with the music and its message. This is an exercise that you can also make in group with the choir, if the room where you rehearse with the choir has mirrors available.


sketch funny choirTip 5: Find a funny detail or sketch

This will make that your audience reminds your choir for a long time. To give an example, I will never forget the concert tour that made with us a choir from Germany. Many of the ladies in the choir where middle-aged – well,some of them a little more than middle-aged ;). Their choir conductor is argentinian and has lived in Cologne for many years now, and prepared with the choir a song that in a certain moment turned into a tango. In the moment of this transition, all the ladies put on dark sunglasses, began to sing the song with a very cheeky attitude, sinchroinizing their movements and turning their heads aside to the rythm of the tango. It was so funny, cute and unexpected, that every time that I hear a tango they come to my mind. Find something that surprises the audiens and make them remind your choir! 🙂


I hope this 5 tips are useful to improve the interpretation of your choir. But this is the most important tip of all: don’t forget to have fun with what you are doing! Enjoy the music, the experience and sharing with your choir mates and with the audience the magic of singing in a choir! 😉