3 great and cheap ideas for your Choir’s Outfit

choir outfit girls choir

One of the most common discussions in a choir, is what to wear for the performances. If you all have a uniform or have certain dress code, it makes the choir look more homogeneous and it will give a better image.

You don’t need to have a great budget for your choir uniform, in this article I will give you 3 choir outfits ideas that you can buy online, will make your choir look good, and are not going to make a hole in your pocket 😉


Choir Outfit 1) Back to the basics : Black&Scarf

This is the most economic and easy outfit. Everyone has something black on their wardrobe, right? Dress in black and match it with a music print scarf. If you want to add an extra colourful touch, the ladies can wear a flower in their hair.



Choir Outfit 2) Girls choir: Dress to impress.

If you are a girls choir (or anyway, if you are a mixed choir and ladies would like to wear matching dresses), Amazon is your salvation. I must confess that I’m addict to buy in Amazon, from clothes to shoes, electronic gadgets, home stuff, books…. Everything. Yup. It is just so comfortable to buy at anytime from home, especially when it’s cold outside. One of my secret sins is to stay home in my pajama, covered with a fluffy blanket in the sofa, with the laptop in my lap and a glass of wine and a big bag of chips next to me (Heaven must be something like this for sure. Well, add some chocolate to make it perfect).

Well, going back to our thing, the choir outfits. Here you’ll find a selection of really cute dresses available in different colors, that you can buy online. For example, imagine all the ladies in a beautiful 50’s dress, and the gents with black trousers and a chemise that matches the ladies dress colour. Cool, huh? 🙂

I’m absolutely in love with those dresses:

And another thing I love about the 50’s A shape dresses: they look good on all the women, no matter their size!

And here a selection of matching choir outfits for the gentlemen:

Choir outfit 3) Let’s make it formal.

If you are a classic choir, or you want to give a more serious image, nothing will suit you better than a long formal dress. I’m adore the Miusol brand models, they all look gorgeous, the prices are awesome and they have a good quality-price relation:

And for the gents? A formal suit or tuxedo with a tie or bow-tie:


What do you think? Did you find this article useful? Do you have any other ideas for a great uniform for your choir staying inside a budget? I’d love to hear from you!