10 reasons to sing in a choir

choir singing

To sing in a choir is much more than a fun hobby, it literally makes your life better in many ways: it is healthy both emotionally and physically, and makes you feel better.

But… what do you benefit from singing in a choir? Here we explain you 10 reasons why to sing in a choir makes your life better.

1) It improves your cardiovascular function. Singing makes you have a slower breath rhythm, this has an biological calming effect and it is beneficial for your heart.

2) It reduces your stress levels and prevents depression.  Different studies point that singing benefits your mental health, and to sing in group increases your oxytocin levels, what helps you to control stress and anxiety.

3) It helps you to stop snoring. When you sing, you make the muscles located in your throat work, what can help you to reduce snoring at night.

Travel with your Choir4) It improves your social life. Just like practicing team sports, it helps you to meet people with which you have interests in common, what will help you to create social and affective links with the members of your choir.

5)  Choir singers are better citizens. The integrants of a choir usually are more empathic with the people that surrounds them, and more generous when it comes to make volunteering tasks in their communities and collaborate with charity causes.

6) It keeps your brain young. By learning the lyrics and melodies that you sing in the choir, you are forcing your brain to work extra and exercising your memory skills.

7) It can increase your life expectancy. Yes, just like you read it! It sounds too good to be true, but Harvard and Yale Universities published a study in 2008 that in fact demonstrated that the  life expectancy of choir singers was longer than other people who don’t sing in a choir. (They did the study with a choir in Connecticut Town).

8) You can travel with your choir. Maybe you’ll need to raise some money to make those trips, but I can tell you that is completely worth it. To travel and sing with your choir is a life enriching experience to travel with your fellow singers, discover new places and singing in beautiful concert halls around the world.  At Sing & Travel we are specialists in Concert Tours for choirs, and we love to create great experiences to awesome destinations for singers (we love it because we are singers too!). As well we give you some advice to help your choir gain visibility, ideas to raise the money for your concert tours, and plenty of interesting contents for choir singers at our blog.

9) You can reduce your stage fright by singing in a choir. Maybe you love to sing  and would love to be able to sing in front of an audience, but you feel completely terrified of just thinking about it? Then to sing in a choir can be the solution: it can help you overcome your stage fright. It is much easier to sing  in a group, as you feel supported and it is not only your voice what sounds out there. To sing in a choir can help you to feel much more comfortable singing in front of an audience, and with time and patience you might be able to transfer this comfort sensation to your solo singing. Once you feel good enough singing in a group, you might be able to audition for one of the solos. Don’t you think? 😉

10) It will boost your self-confidence. By singing in a choir, you become part of a new social community, where you can make new friends. By rehearsing and exercising your voice with the choir, will help you to become a better singer. And performing in front of an audience gives you the most evident and physical sign of other persons approval: the applause. All this together will help you to have a better self-esteem.