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My name is Marina Kaudasch, I am an enterpreneur and choir singer with a strong background in the tourism industry and e-marketing.
I’ve created a specialized service for choirs looking to sing abroad, offering my knowledge and expertise as travel agent and contacts in the music scene to organize tailor-made concert tours for choirs, choral music meetings, workshops and events.

I can offer you and your choir the following services:

The Social Choir

An ebook that explains in a very simple and comprehensive way how can you use the social networks like a pro for your choir.

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tips to overcome stage fright

8 Tips to get over Stage Fright

A good exercise to fight stage fright is to sing in a choir. You will sing supported by more people, you won’t be alone in the stage. In this article, I give you 8 tips to overcome your stage fright, to help you enjoy your experience singing with your choir to the most.

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